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Hi there,

When I began to plan my daughter’s birthday party, my neighbour said “well, you have to have face painting. Kids LOVE having their faces painted!”

Face Painting, I’d seen it done at fairs and festivals and I remembered how happy everyone looked but I never thought of doing it myself.

It sounded like fun … for me … and for the kids.

My friend Maire lent me some paints and I got started. I have done church fetes, birthday parties, special occasions, in fact wherever there are kids I’ve done it.

PHONE: Giselle 086 8468884
or you can text “Facepainting”


Discounts are available for longer hours and multiple day bookings.


You can also use the contact form below
please send as much information about
your event as you can.
Thanks, Giselle 

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Hygiene standards:

Professional face painting for parties, clubs, festivals, store openings, sporting events and family days.

I am trying to raise the standard of hygiene in face painting as an art, in Ireland. I want it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and fun experience for everyone that uses our service.I will not paint over any cuts or broken skin.

I will not paint a person with a rash or any skin or eye infections. This protects both the child and the artist. I will offer an alternative, like a design on the hand so no one feels left out.

I use only thrououghly clean brushes and sponges

I use a clean sponge for the person’s face and don’t reuse it until it has been washed in very hot water. I don’t want to spread any germs or viruses between people!

Water is always changed regularly. I bring my own to ensure clean water is in good supply.

Only water-based paint is used and are all skin friendly. Glitters are polyester and do not contain metals all my paints and glitters are FDA and EU approved products. Both paints and glitters are easily removed with soap and water.

Public Liability Insurance:

Face Painting Insurance covers me, the artist against any claims brought against me, due to any problems with paints or any other unforeseen problems.

I carry a Public Liability Insurance Indemnity Policy and can show this when arriving at your venue, or send prior to the event in a PDF file attachment.


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