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People attend your organisations events because they support your appeal/organisation, and whilst they might want to give you a donation – it’s more than likely they will want to spend their money with you – in other words, it’s a transaction; you offer something and they give you money in return.  So always look at your events for ways of offering ‘spending opportunities’ for your supporters.

In my experience, adults and kids have their faces painted, usually in their chosen design.  The most popular faces are generally animal faces, such as tigers, butterflys, princesses, spiderman and local team colours.  The designs available will very much depend on the face painter’s level of experience and/or confidence.

I have done many events where the organisers have remarked how everyone looked “sparkly” with their faces done, it also makes for a happy atmosphere and when that happens people put their hands in their pockets and make donations to your appeal.

In 2009, I did the faces of the kids of the Green Dragon crew while they waited for their dads to come ashore after racing across the Atlantic. This was the Volvo Ocean Race.

The Green Dragon watch leader Damian Foxall with his son Oisin,
with a painted green dragon, this was painted at 3am and
Oisin was very excited to see his dad again

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